Hey there, fellow midlife humans of the universe! It’s time to dive into the midlife crisis, a topic that’s as common as the urge to Google “what to eat for dinner?” on a slow Tuesday afternoon.

That phase of life when you suddenly decide that sensible decisions are overrated and opt for a wild rollercoaster ride of self-discovery that includes questionable fashion choices and an obsession with youth. Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to explore the fascinating world of “Midlife Shenanigans!”

1. The Classic Signs

Picture this: one day your mild-mannered self emerges donning something in leather (I am guilty!). Suddenly, you’re feeling cool.

Meanwhile, your male partner is strutting around with a guitar slung over his shoulder, declaring himself the lead air guitarist of a rock band that only plays songs from the ’80s.

2. Questionable Purchases

Ah, the midlife crisis shopping spree—a sight to behold. When you decide to redecorate the entire house with lava lamps, bean bag chairs, and posters of rock bands you’ve never heard of. Your living room is now a vortex that transports you back to the ’70s, complete with psychedelic wallpaper that occasionally causes vertigo if you stare at it for too long. I am guilty of having ‘borrowed’ (not giving it back) an old dial phone from the 1980s.

3. The Pursuit of Youth

Midlife crisis enthusiasts embark on a mission to reverse time by engaging in activities that remind them of their youth. Have you heard of discos for older people? I have and attend whenever I can.

4. The Grand Revelation

But here’s the kicker: the midlife crisis is not all jokes and hilarity. At some point, amidst the roaring engines of midlife bought sports cars, leopard skin prints (I am guilty, again) and guitar riffs, a deeper realization sets in.

The flashy purchases and antics serve as a mask for the inner turmoil and the ever-present question: “Is this all there is?”

In the midst of the laughter, there’s a touch of empathy that tugs at our heartstrings. It’s a reminder that we’re all human, stumbling through life’s many chapters, and sometimes, we need a bit of silliness to help us make sense of it all.

So, next time you see a middle aged man zooming past on his motorcycle or a middle aged woman attempting roller skating, give them a pat on the back and maybe even join in on the fun.

Because, after all, life’s too short not to embrace the absurdity of the midlife crisis and rock that leopard print while you’re at it! 🎸🏍️