I feel almost embarrassed about the fact that I am still learning about the value of self-love in my midlife. When I first encountered the concept some years ago it reeked of selfish behaviour.

After all, I am an Indian baby boomer brought up to put others first. I suspect that many female white boomers had the same cultural expectations embedded in them too.

It’s not a race specific issue.

As women we came last on the list. That’s what society expected of us. A message which we absorbed all too willingly to fit in too.

I started to pay attention to self-love when I noticed myself quickly passing mirrors in shops because I didn’t like the way I looked; or was conscious of my weight or, even worse, thought that my outfit wasn’t good enough to be seen out in.

I had crossed the line from wanting to be a better version of myself physically to outright disliking myself.

Self-love was something that I desperately needed to embrace.

As we, as women, journey through life, we accumulate wisdom, resilience, and experiences that shape our identities. In the golden years of life, self-love becomes increasingly important for women over 50 as I have discovered. This pivotal stage offers an opportunity for reflection, self-discovery, and embracing a renewed sense of purpose.

In this blog post, I explore why self-love is crucial for women over 50 (or any woman at any age) and how it can empower us to lead fulfilling lives.

  1. Embracing Authenticity:

One of the most beautiful aspects of self-love is the ability to embrace authenticity. As women over 50 we have weathered numerous storms, societal expectations, and often sacrificed our own needs for others. Self-love encourages us to shed societal pressures, embrace our true selves, and celebrate our uniqueness. It allows us to recognize that our worth is not determined by external factors but lies within our inherent qualities, experiences, and individuality.

  1. Prioritizing Emotional Well-being:

Self-love involves nurturing emotional well-being, a vital aspect of life for women over 50. Prioritizing self-care, engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, and maintaining healthy boundaries contribute to emotional resilience. By cultivating self-compassion and acceptance, we can navigate the challenges that may arise during this stage of life with grace and strength.

  1. Reinventing Purpose:

After dedicating years to raising families, pursuing careers, or fulfilling societal roles, women over 50 often find themselves at a crossroads. Self-love becomes a catalyst for reinventing purpose and rediscovering passions. By exploring new hobbies, pursuing lifelong dreams, or engaging in meaningful community work, we can embrace a renewed sense of purpose that brings fulfillment and joy.

  1. Fostering Healthy Relationships:

Self-love empowers women over 50 to establish and nurture healthy relationships. By understanding our worth, we can set boundaries, communicate our needs effectively, and surround ourselves with individuals who uplift and support us. Cultivating self-love allows women to recognize toxic relationships and make choices that prioritize our well-being, leading to healthier and more fulfilling connections.

  1. Embracing Physical Well-being:

Self-love involves prioritizing physical health and well-being. Women over 50 may experience changes in our bodies and face unique health challenges. By practicing self-care routines, engaging in regular exercise, nourishing their bodies with healthy food, and seeking medical guidance, we can take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal physical well-being. By loving and accepting our bodies, women can develop a positive body image and embrace the beauty that comes with aging.

  1. Inspiring Others:

Self-love radiates outward and has a ripple effect. When women over 50 embrace self-love, we become powerful role models for younger generations and peers alike. By embodying self-acceptance, confidence, and resilience, we inspire others to embrace their own journeys and love themselves unconditionally. This ripple effect helps create a society that celebrates and values women of all ages.


For women over 50, self-love is an essential ingredient for a fulfilling and empowered life.

By embracing authenticity, prioritizing emotional well-being, reinventing purpose, fostering healthy relationships, embracing physical well-being, and inspiring others, women can unlock the power of self-love.

Through self-love, we can celebrate our journey, appreciate our unique qualities, and live our best lives beyond societal expectations.

Remember, it is never too late to embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment. The golden years can be a time of immense growth, self-discovery, and joy for women who choose to embrace themselves wholeheartedly.

Go embrace your self-love.