I am often asked, “how bendy”, I am in my midlife when I tell people that I enjoy Yoga. I am old enough to remember those salacious jokes about being ‘bendy’ from watching programmes like Friends. So tune off now if you are looking for double entendres in this post.

In my earlier years I was under the strong impression that Yoga was for rich women who had plenty of time on their hands because of the amount of outsourcing they did – nannies, cooks, taxis and personal shoppers. Managing that many people seemed to induce stress levels of such a magnitude that they needed to seek solace in high walled enclosures with mirrors to practice Yoga.

Let’s be honest, you thought that too didn’t you? Yoga was expensive. Yoga was only available in the more expensive parts of any town or city you lived in.

Thanks to the concept of competition there is more affordable Yoga around these days. In fact, hop on to You Tube and you will find free Yoga videos.

Yoga is my midlife pleasure. I do it in the privacy of my home. I do it when no one is around. It almost feels like a guilty pleasure. Here’s a confession, I am not very bendy or stretchy. When the instruction is to ‘touch your toes’, I am only able to touch my ankles. Who wants to be laughed at in a crowded class?

So, what is your pleasure which you have discovered in midlife? Here is an interesting article to get you thinking.