I refer to this as my ‘menopause photo’ because I felt grey despite all that colour

Being menopausal isn’t fun, it isn’t the making of me and it sure as hell doesn’t present pivotal opportunities from which to launch memorable midlife moments which I will remember on my death bed, one day.

The menopause was marked by a ‘World Menopause Day’ on 18 October. I fully intended to write and publish this blog post in time for that but crashing fatigue, a symptom of the menopause, got the better of me. It seems to be the way these days. I start off with good intentions of being the badass woman that I was and end up counting down the hours until bedtime.

This is the reality of the menopause. It’s bloody hard work and often feels like I am swimming against the tide.

The list of symptoms is long and each one is, in itself, a debilitating experience. No doubt there will come a time when I will be able to laugh about it but, for now, I am grumbling my way through it all and having occasional rants.

My family, including the cat, may disagree though about the ‘occasional’ but I feel entitled to construct my own reality in this menopausal world. Mind you, there is no mirth in this bubble world of mine.