How bad would the midlife crisis have to be for someone to contemplate withdrawing equity from their home to pursue their dreams?

A symptom of the midlife crisis is financial stress and worry. A woman who wrote about her husband’s midlife crisis on Reddit has captured a national media’s attention. So fed up with her husband’s ‘antics’, she is thinking of divorcing him.

The husband wants to use the equity in their home to pursue his dream of becoming a musician.

Is he being reckless?

Without wanting to cast judgement on someone I don’t know, I think that it would be a foolish person who risks their home in midlife. With less working years left, a cost-of-living crisis and high interest rates now may not be the time to pursue one’s dreams and passions which are high risk endeavors. Becoming a musician is, as I understand it, a hard road to travel on with lots of pitfalls before one makes it big, if ever, given the tight competition in the field.

On other hand there is the, ‘if not now than when?’, chorus of voices who urge others to dive in. Time waits for no man and all that.

I think this story is a perfect example of how the midlife crisis is never thought about till it afflicts us in a rather earth shuddering way. We are only ever exposed to jokes about the midlife crisis, never the reality. When it does strike, we are utterly ill equipped emotionally.