To fan or not to fan? With the temperatures hitting as high as 40 degree Celsius in the UK heatwave I have been using two fans, one in the bedroom and one in the lounge, to keep me cool. Not at the same time, of course, because I can only be in one place at any one time.

Sleeping with the fan blowing on me overnight has stopped me from having hot sleepless nights. The sound of the whirring blades is quite soothing too, probably because it brings back memories of holidays spent in hot countries where fans are part of the furniture.

The cost of running my fans has worried me though what with the rising cost of electricity. I have practically had my fans on 24 hours for the last three days. I didn’t have a clue how much it was costing me.

Like knights in shining armour the money saving websites have come to the rescue. Don’t you just love the way Martin Lewis and uSwitch cost everything down to the last penny with clear explanations so you don’t have to phone an accountant friend to friend out how much your bank account is being bled by?

According to uSwitch, a 120W electric fan costs approximately 2p an hour to run. Staying cool for an 8-hour good night’s sleep will cost you 16 pence. According to the Money Saving Expert, a 12-inch 35W desk fan costs 1p an hour to run based on the current average price cap rates. This costs from 7p to 10p for a 7 to 10 hour night’s sleep.

The costs could add up if you keep your fan on all through the summer. The balancing considerations of whether to fan or not would be how well you sleep during summer night’s without one. The benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be understated especially if you don’t want to wake up looking and behaving like something the neighbourhood cats would run away from. These cats have a very high tolerance for nonsense so it is saying something if you scare them.

Mind you I often look like something the cat’s dragged in when I sit in front of the fan with my heat induced frizzy hair flying all over the place. Photo below of me trying desperately to look sexy.


Happy fanning lovelies.