There are days when I want to scream in frustration. Some days I feel a shed load of regret over past decisions. There are other days when I feel grateful to have reached my 50s in relatively good health. There are even moments when I wonder whether I have a right to be suffering from a midlife crisis as a women.

Aren’t women meant to be the strong ones who suffer silently through pain and hardship?

Not anymore when it comes to the midlife crisis. I started this blog as a way of addressing the issue. Think of it this way, the menopause was once a taboo subject but not anymore. Even celebrities are jumping over themselves to talk about their menopause experiences.

I hope to do the same for the female midlife crisis.

A woman’s midlife crisis is a feminist issue. Do a Google search and the first few returns contain instructions to men on how to deal with their partners.

While it is touching that men are looking for ways in which to help the women in their lives, women are capable of helping themselves too.

I intend for my blog to be a one stop self-help guide for women on the midlife crisis. I am NOT a medical expert, by any means, but it is by sharing the stories of our experiences as normal women who walk this earth everyday that we empower each other.

Welcome to my blog.