How often do we wait for the ‘when’ moment to present itself before we act? That ‘when’ moment is always the pot at the end of the rainbow. You build up this ‘when’ moment in your mind which consists of various elements that will come together to present the perfect opportunity to execute your idea.

All the time, while you are waiting for the ‘when’, the idea is just sitting in your mind. You mull it over and over again and still think ‘not now’.

This happens to me quite regularly. An idea strikes me which excites my creative self, I overthink it and instead of acting on it in the ‘now’, I wait for the ‘when’. Sometimes the ‘when’ never arrives and I am left feeling like I missed the moment. Unhappiness personified.

I think that we are all, at some stage in our lives, guilty of not acting. When I look back I see many missed opportunities because I didn’t act immediately or soon after on something that grabbed my ambitious self.

In midlife, I am starting to realise that happiness comes from seizing the present, the ‘now’.

If midlife is about creating second chances in life or new opportunities then ‘now’ assumes a lot more importance. I am grasping the reality of the ‘now’ in building happiness levels.

In fact, doing this 21 Days Happiness Challenge underwent a transition from ‘when’ (2021) to ‘now’ when I finally realised that two seasons, autumn and winter, had gone by without me actually doing something about undertaking the challenge and blogging about it.

So go seize your ‘now’ and forget about waiting for ‘when’.