There is a skincare range designed specifically for the older woman. Can you believe that? Finding skincare that works on the changing texture of an older woman’s skin is a thing of the past. Violet Jordan offers a one stop shop from cleanser through to make up. The range is superb.

I was extremely fortunate to have been offered The Essentials Set to review. The range is beautifully designed and is practically make up eye candy. The set is designed to take you from the cleansing stage through to having a fully made up face through six product items.

The cleanser comes with a hot towel cloth. The moisturiser is called ‘The Multitasker’ because it is a day and night cream, eye cream and a serum. There are three ‘Glow and Go’ sticks which act as a highlighter or moisturising base – Dew stick(photo below)); ‘Berry’ which is used as a lipstick and blusher and, ‘Pearl’ which is an eyeshadow.

The colours blend in with your skin tones. The moisturiser feels soft and luxurious on the skin. The entire process from cleansing to looking fabulous takes only minutes. My midlife skin feels so much more hydrated and soft. I am not having to top up my moisturiser during the day as I did when I previously used other brands.

Check out Violet Jordan’s shop and take the plunge. Treat yourself.