Quoits must be one of the easiest games to play. You take aim and throw. If your rope ring doesn’t land around a pole you can simply laugh, as I do, at your lousy aim and try again. I was tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity to sample a beautifully crafted Quoits set. In my childhood an equivalent game of Quoits was played with an empty ketchup bottle placed upright and a handful of large rubber bands to throw over it. No such thing anymore. Progress means that I now have a sturdy wooden Quoits set.

Weekend afternoons are spent playing Quoits at a Central London cafe with friends and family. While it’s been too cold to play it outside, having a game indoors has helped blow the cobwebs away too. Jaques of London, a premier board game maker, has a very easy to play version. The points are clearly marked. The quality of the rope rings is second to none and the board is heavy enough to sit firmly on any surface.

Jaques of London has been making toys and games since 1795. It’s a family run business that provides good quality board games made out of solid wood. The firm consistently receives good reviews. Give it a go. You won’t go wrong and I assure you that Quoits will bring you hours of fun especially on cold and windy weekend afternoons.

P/S: Did you know that Quoits has its history as a game of discus in the Greek and Roman empire days? It appears in UK records for the first time in 1881 but there is a school of thought about Quoits being played in Roman occupied Britain.