‘Midlife Monday’ is a concept which I started on my Instagram account in 2020. During lockdown, from 2019 onwards, it struck me that Mondays had a vastly changed dynamic to it. No longer was it a day to dread. It didn’t mark the start of a hectic schedule and tiring travel to and from work.

Along with many other people, It was a day which I dreaded. I would spend Sunday evenings getting ready for the week ahead. Losing part of my weekend just to be one step ahead of an upcoming hectic schedule wasn’t a satisfactory way to live. Monday would herald dread.

During lockdown I discovered a hitherto unknown and undiscovered Monday dynamic. Mondays were an opportunity to start the week by actually giving time and thought to how I wanted to live my midlife week. Let’s face it, the pre-pandemic working week was a one size fits all type of living. I never had time to do the things I had been dreaming of doing like starting this blog. Now I do. Hence ‘Midlife Monday’.

The Midlife Monday thought for this week is:

What does being a midlifer mean for you?

I adore the confidence I have gained in my midlife which comes from learning from my past mistakes (of which there are many), the ability to sift the important from the non-important like prioritising family and friends and the time to pursue my own dreams and ambitions.

Happy Midlife Monday