Walking into a room in my own home, which I have owned for close to 20 years, has become an adventure. I walk in and promptly forget what I went in there for.

Looking around, I wonder whether I came into my bedroom for something mundane like socks or, hang on, was it to grab my bank card? Thinking hard does not always yield results. So, I adopt an intrepid attitude. I look around and try to spring on some other thing that I may need later but hadn’t thought about. I pick that object up, walk back into the lounge, and, bingo, I remember what I wanted from the bedroom in the first place.

This is an attempt at putting a humorous and positive spin on the midlife forgetfulness. In reality, it can be a distressing experience. When you once had a sharp memory these episodes of forgetfulness can be worrying.

According to this research study, the decline in cognitive ability is linked to the menopause. Women experience a reduction in estradiol which is a hormone linked to memory. Estradiol is important for memory function.

HRT maybe a solution but there are other things that women can do to improve brain function. The article stresses that physcial activity, cognitive activity and social contact are important too. In other words exercise, activities like visiting a library, reading newspapers, reading magazines, reading books, writing letters and playing games are social activities that bring you into contact with others while requiring you to use your brain memory. What you eat can help or hinder too. A mediterranean diet is recommended.

So the next time you look for your glasses in the fridge or your avocado in your wardrobe don’t despair. The best of us suffer from the same in midlife and there are things we can do to address it.