Is dancing in a suit in a nightclub at the age of 54 a sign of a midlife crisis? You could pick a number of flaws in my question like, ‘so what if he was in a suit?’, or ‘can’t a man in his 50s go to a nightclub?’

You would be right in each case but my answer will always come back to the fact that the man in question is Michael Gove. Yup, that minister man in Whitehall who has always come across as being rather dour and who has angered thousands of teachers all over the land. Has he, ever, in the last 11 years, since the Government came into power, struck you as a latter day John Travolta? My point exactly.

All signs of a midlife crisis have something in common – that they are inconsistent with previous behaviour. The person exhibiting symptoms is, in other words, acting out of character.

I am calling Michael Gove’s light footed behaviour a midlife crisis.

You are in good/bad company (delete as necessary) if you are in your 50s, dress up as if you are going into the office in the wee hours but, instead, enter a nightclub to flail about. Good luck to you if you do.